Web 3.0

When we talk about Web 3.0 what should dwell in our hearts is the emergence of ownership in Web system. What this actually means is ownership hasn’t been easier until the coming of Web 3.0 through creating and owning product in the Web system. Mostly when we hear ownership it always refers to the abstract world, where one would purchase or invent anything and been able to place a value on it, requesting people to exchange there funds with the expectation of changing or claiming an intended product.

Web 3.0 is an Internet era where one could create or invent some value on Internet and been able to trade on such particular content. The inherent ability of decentralized network has provided the Web 3.0 with the possibilities of each and everyone using Internet to be able to own and value space where data are been stored.

The space own which we could describe as (virtual land) are where data are been stored, in addition, the space owned has value and could be bought or sold within parties with interest. Privacy has not gotten more edge to be secured until the prevalence of Web 3.0.

In a decentralized network values are appreciated in conjunction with what the majority agreed upon, not on what is imposed by a governing boards, and that’s where the beauty of decentralized network lies. An investor get back return of investment base on publicly agreed upon which doesn’t happen in a centralised network.

Uhive is the representation of what Web 3.0 has for the Internet users and thats why you can’t go further than uhive when one talks about Web 3.0.

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